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Titans & Giants Myths & Tales: Epic Tales

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Giants feature in most myths and legends of humankind. The Titans themselves, from Greek mythology were both giants and at war with their own children, the gods of Olympus. Atlas, Cronos and Prometheus have survived in the popular imagination but the tales of these elder gods are a fascinating read. Other cultures though have their own tales of giants, from the Chinese Pangu, who separated Heaven from Earth and whose body became the mountains and valley of the world, to the Jötnar giants of the Vikings, constantly at war with Odin and his Asgardians, and in Ireland the Fomorians were a powerful race of invaders at war with their predecessors, the Thuatha dé Danaan. From Japan there are the Oni, from the Kuba people of Africa there are tales of creator Mbombo, and even Grendell of Beowulf fame is regarded by some as a giant. A wonderful new collection for the modern reader.