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The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs - Folio Society

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In The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs, top palaeontologist Steve Brusatte brings prehistoric Earth brilliantly to life in an illustrated Folio edition with stunning art from Davide Bonadonna.

In an exhilarating trip through 150 million years of evolutionary history, world-leading palaeontologist Steve Brusatte charts the complete story of the dinosaurs, from the scampering lizards that found an evolutionary toehold in the Triassic period to the vast Jurassic sauropods – the biggest land dwellers ever to have lived – and the bloodthirsty raptors that preyed on them. A chapter is devoted to the most fearsome of all, T. rex. The story ends not with mass extinction, but with the revelation that modern birds are simply ‘a weird form of dinosaur’. This Folio edition includes a superb fold-out colour map featuring silhouettes by palaeo-artist Emily Willoughby and selected archive images, plus vivid fossil photography throughout. Award-winning palaeo-artist Davide Bonadonna contributes the spectacular fold-out illustrations of dinosaurs in action. This is the book for anyone seeking to know more about the most notorious denizens of our prehistoric past.