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Quests & Journeys Myths & Tales: Epic Tales

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Quests and journeys are fundamental to many mythologies, often reflecting the human desire for knowledge and understanding. In Sumerian legend we find Gilgamesh seeking immortality; from the Norse, Odin sacrifices himself to discover the secrets of the runes of wisdom; from Greek mythology comes Jason and the Argonauts and Odysseus. And there there are recurring themes, with heroes yearning their loved ones in the underworld, so from Japan comes the tale of Izanagi searching for Izanami in Yomi, the land of shadows and the dead; and Polynesian God Māui journeying to find his mother and father in the Otherworld. And of course, from Arthurian legend, the search for the Holy Grail brings profound self-discovery to the knights Bors, Perceval and Galahad. This new collection is a wonder of tales from every corner of the world.