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Pirates & Ghosts Short Stories

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A powerful new addition to the bestselling Gothic Fantasy series of new writing and classic stories. Buried treasure, greed and envy are powerful forces in the minds of many, but at sea the consequences can be terrifying and deadly. With tales of pirates, deathly fogs and ferocious rocks, these dark tales of the haunted mind, trapped like ghosts at sea, are sure to entertain and enthrall.

New, contemporary and notable writers featured are: Christine van Antwerp, Erica Barnes, Brad Carson, Adrian Chamberlin, Margaret Collins, Denzell Cooper, Sophie Elisabeth Francois, Philip Brian Hall, John A. Karr, John Leahy, Kathryn McMahon, Jacob Moger, Jennifer R. Povey, M. Regan, Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis, Russ Thorne, A.R. Wise, and Nemma Wollenfang. These appear alongside classic stories by authors such as Joseph Conrad, F. Marion Crawford, William Hope Hodgson, W.W. Jacobs and Robert Louis Stevenson.