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Native American Myths & Tales: Epic Tales

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The mythology and folk tales of the native American tribes are many and varied, ranging from those of the Iroquois in the Northeast, and the Blackfoot and Cheyenne of the Great Plains, to the Cherokee of the Southeast, and the Navajo and Apache of the Southwest, among countless more. Though they all retain distinctive identities, they share a deep-seated reverence for Nature, the all-encompassing importance of which reverberates through the tales, which abound with the symbolism of flora and fauna, the elements and the heavenly bodies. Trickster creator-deities, heroes, supernatural beings, epic voyages and an affinity with animals are also common elements.

From ‘The Great Deeds of Michabo’ to ‘The Legend of Hiawatha’, this desirable addition to Flame Tree’s Epic Tales series of deluxe anthologies brings together a thoughtful selection of myths and tales from all over North America.