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Megan Benedict and Melanie Crowder - Sea Wolves: Keepers of the Rainforest - illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers

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This lyrical, stunningly illustrated book explores the sea wolf—an apex marine mammal evolved from the gray wolf—as it navigates the coastline, eats seafood, and lives its extraordinary, unusual life.

Sea Wolves: Keepers of the Rainforest is the astonishing story of a wolf species that calls the shores of western Canada and southeastern Alaska home. Here, wolves crack clams, feast on fish roe, swipe salmon from rivers, and swim miles between islands—as long observed by the First Nations communities that have lived alongside them for thousands of years.

However, with the rise of industrial logging, pipeline projects, and other threats, sea wolves face a troubled future. Wildlife experts and First Nations members agree: these majestic creatures are a vital part of the ecosystem and need to be protected.

Through beautiful verse and striking illustrations, 
Sea Wolves captures the fascinating life of an animal with great cultural and scientific significance—one that will inspire awe in young readers.