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Haley Healey - Immortal Grit

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After a tragic coal mine accident and the loss of her husband, Hannah discovers a box under her bed containing a useful device that may save her, her three children, and her beloved home. But being a female business owner in frontier era British Columbia is harder than she expected and she may have to risk everything, including her dignity, to do it. Will the payoff be worth it? Or will she be forever filled with regret? After being in the foster care system all her life, Brooke is finally feeling independent and successful—she just rented an old character house on her own and is only months away from achieving her dream of finishing a four-year English literature degree. Things start falling apart when an unexpected email lands in her inbox and Brooke finds out her graduation is in jeopardy. Not only that, but her new home appears to be haunted. To save her future, she must confront a former friend, tame internal worry, and dispel the unknown presence in her home. Will Brooke be able overcome her fears and self-doubt in time? Or will she too be stuck in her home like the spirit haunting it? Set on an island in British Columbia, Immortal Grit is an inspiring tale of adversity, resilience, and the extraordinary way two women help each other despite over a century of time between them. Haley Healey is the author of On Their Own Terms: True Stories of Trailblazing Women of Vancouver Island and Flourishing and Free: More Stories of Trailblazing Women of Vancouver Island. She lives in Nanaimo and enjoys exploring Vancouver Island's trails, waters and wilderness.