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Compelling Science Fiction Short Stories

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A mix of new and classic stories, a must for fans of plausible science fiction in the style of HG Wells and Robert Heinlein.

With tales from the more plausible end of the SF spectrum, where Time can be stretched, other worlds discovered, aliens encountered and quantum realms explored, everything has a strong spine of real-world science. Celebrating the enduring spirit of hard science fiction this new anthology is a tribute to 
Compelling Science Fiction magazine whose publisher Joe Stech is the foreword writer and consulting editor of the stunning new collection of stories from contemporary and classic authors.

New, contemporary and notable writers featured are: Pauline Barmby, Ramsey Campbell, P.A. Cornell, Leah Cypess, Deborah L. Davitt, Jonathan Ficke, Voss Foster, Ana Gardner, Adam Godfrey, Larry Hodges, K. Kitts, Geoffrey A. Landis, Elaine Midcoh, Marshall J. Moore, Mike Morgan, Michael Penncavage, Lina Rather, Jude Reid, C.M. Shevlin, H.G. Silvia, Douglas Smith, David Tallerman, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Brian Trent, and Marie Vibbert. These appear alongside classic stories by authors such as Ray Cummings, Otis Adelbert Kline, Garrett P. Serviss and H.G. Wells.