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Celtic Myths & Tales: Epic Tales

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The mythic invasions of Ireland, the mystical kingdoms, warriors, giants, creatures of the underworld and magic, these are the fantastic ingredients of Celtic legend. Because they told their own stories in the ancient way, by word of mouth, we understand the traditions of these proud people through the records of their mortal enemies, the Romans, but still they thrive, so bright and strong today. In these pages you’ll find stories of giants, ancient spells, ghosts and fairies, of sea-folk and tree-folk. All the main legends of the Irish invasions, the Ulster cycle and the Fenian cycle sit alongside the tales of the Mabinogion and the secret stories of Scottish folk and fairy tales. From the Tragedy of the Children of Lir to the Coming of Finn mac Cumail, The Fiddler of Gord to The Fox, the Wolf and the Butter you’ll discover an enchanting world from the past that connects to the landscapes and traditions of today.

The latest title in Flame Tree's beautiful, comprehensive series of Gothic Fantasy titles, concentrates on the ancient, epic origins of modern fantasy in the myths and legends of the Celts.